Zoe R.

Tour Guide at Elon University


Class of 2023

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Major: English with Teacher Licensure

Minor: Math

I chose Elon because...

Elon was the last of the schools I toured. I'd been to all sorts of schools from all across the country because I did not know what type of school was right for me. I came to Elon during Fellows Weekend, and everything started clicking into place. The small class sizes, beautiful campus, and school of education that would help me fulfill my teaching dreams were all obvious factors for my choice. However, the most important part was that people wanted to talk to me about my interests! I even found a professor (who is now my advisor) whose love of Harry Potter rivaled mine! None of the other 30 schools I toured were able to hit every box and provide me with personal connections before I even enrolled!

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

College Coffee every Tuesday because my friends and I would stop by every week after our 8 am to pick up pastries after an early morning. I love this tradition because it occurs every week and allows me to find joy in food and friends! This is such a unique tradition that brings together students, faculty, and staff from all over campus. There's something for everyone (even for someone who prefers hot chocolate over coffee like me) whether it be the pastries, club tables, or conversation!

My most memorable Elon experience?

A group of friends and I decided to participate in the Elon Innovation Challenge during my freshman year. The Challenge gives teams of students about eight hours to propose a solution to a chosen problem. My team and I spent the day brainstorming ways to improve wellness on campus with our idea. We presented our project to the judges and ended up winning an honorable mention. This whole thing was so out of my comfort zone, but I loved the creative energy and the end result of creating a project proposal to help our campus! This inspired me to join another program that creates a long-term project for our campus!

I'm passionate about...

Dad jokes Spreading Kindness Volunteering Reading Education

I'm involved with...

New Student Orientation Leader Peace Corps Prep Program Honors Fellows University Innovation Fellows Kernodle Center The Village Project
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