Selina G.

Alumnus at Elon University

Class of 2019

Current: Danville, CA

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Secondary Major: Public Health

Minor: Spanish

I chose Elon because...

They by far the best options for study abroad. But I stayed because of the community I've found on campus.

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

Luminaries: Every year before Christmas break the entire campus gets together and celebrates the holidays with live music, hot chocolate, cider, and lighting up the whole campus! I love seeing my close friends and reconnecting with old ones, as well as my professors and their kids!

My most memorable Elon experience?

Our student news team put on a 6-hour live election show in November 2016. We had only planned for 4 hours but went on longer since the races were so close. No other student journalists have done something like that, and we were all exhausted at the end but so proud of the teamwork and sweat we all put in to make it a success.

I'm passionate about...

Shakira Travelling Hiking Cheese Sticks

I'm involved with...

Alternative Breaks Elon Volunteers Honors Fellows Center for Leadership I Am That Girl Elon News Network
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