Kaitlin B.

Alumnus at Elon University

Class of 2020

Current: Weston, CT

Major: Media Analytics

Secondary Major: Communication Design

Minor: Statistics

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

My favorite Elon traditional is slightly less conventional, but there’s an event Elon hosts every spring called “Elonthon,” and it is my favorite time of the year! Elonthon is a 24-hour dance marathon that takes place right here on campus in the Alumni Gym; students of all ages are invited to dance (or stand) together for an entire night and day to show their support for the child patients and families of Duke Children’s Hospital. I love Elonthon because for 24 hours, the highly-involved students of Elon University voluntarily put aside the rest of their plans, affiliations, and other personal responsibilities to fight for one larger goal.

I chose Elon because...

When I visited Elon just a month before that May 1st deadline, I was completed undecided on where I wanted to spend my next four years. While stepping on campus did “feel right,” it was the people I met while visiting that finally drove me to commit. From my tour guide, who I will never forget, going above and beyond to extend herself for advice and questions even after the tour had concluded, to my waiter at Pandora’s Pies who sat down and had an entire 15 minute pro-con-pro conversation with me, I could tell Elon University cultivates a community unlike any other.

My most memorable Elon experience?

My most memorable Elon Experience thus far were my three weeks I spent abroad with Elon peers in Malawi, Africa for “J term” this past winter. Elon not only encourages its community to branch out, both nationally and internationally, but also makes the process easy for everyone involved. It was my first time really taking the lessons I’ve learned at Elon at applying them in a new environment; and what better environment to test them out in than Africa!

I'm passionate about...

Hiking Skiing Reading Singing

I'm involved with...

Phi Kappa Phi Gamma Sigma Alpha honor Society Lambda Pi Eta Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Elonthon Operations Committee New Student Orientation Phi Psi Cli Yearbook Staff Sigma Kappa
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