Gabriele S.

Alumnus at Elon University

Class of 2019

Current: Jacksonville, FL

Major: Business Management

Minor: Psychology

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

My favorite Elon tradition is receiving the acorn at New Student Convocation and the oak sapling at Graduation. I believe this growth and transformation over the 4 years truly encompasses how both myself and all Elon students grow into their full potential during their 4 years at Elon. If someone had told me three years ago as a high school student that I was going to join a business fraternity and even obtain a leadership position within it, I would not have believed them. Now as a junior in college, I have made some of my best friends in Alpha Kappa Psi and have accomplished professional goals that I would never have dreamed of before coming to Elon. Elon has encouraged me to grow both socially and professionally and I could not imagine myself anywhere else. Even though I’m a year away from graduation and wish my Elon experience could last forever, I still look forward to walking across the stage to receive my diploma with my Elon oak sapling.

My most memorable Elon experience?

My most memorable Elon experience is living in Carolina residence hall, one of Elon’s all female residence halls. Growing up I didn’t have any sisters so I was looking forward to having the experience of living with 30, just on my hall alone! From the first day, all the girls were welcoming with open arms, which was nice considering I didn’t know anyone coming into Elon. By living on this hall, I met my two best friends and now roommates. Never would I have thought that the two girls across the hall would be my best friends and roommates for the next three years. Living in Carolina was such a unique and incredible experience and it has shaped and furthered my love for Elon.

I chose Elon because...

I chose Elon because it was home. I come from a big family and think of myself as a homebody so making the decision to go out of state was a big decision for me and my family. I had always been told that when I stepped on the right campus I would have this unspoken feeling, a feeling of knowing that a campus was the right one. After many college tours I didn’t get this unspoken feeling, until I came to Elon. The moment I stepped on Elon’s campus and watched the Elon video, I knew that Elon was going to be my home. Fast forward two weeks into my first year, I had been talking to my mom on my way back from class and I specifically remember telling her, “Hey mom, I’m doing great, I’m just walking home.” Three years later and I still have that same feeling. Elon isn’t just a home for 4 years, it is a home for life.

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