Emily G.

Diversity Ambassadors and Tour Guide at Elon University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Boyds, MD

Major: Dance Performance and Choreography

Secondary Major: Arts Administration

Minor: Business Administration

My most memorable Elon experience?

My most memorable Elon experience was through my time at Disney World while taking a winter term class. This winter term, I was able to take a class that counted for society credit as a part Elon Core Curriculum at Disney World where I could choose a research topic of my interest, and earn college credit while being in the parks. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount of happiness and it's creation in consumer culture, as well as make friends that will now last me a lifetime. When I first registered for the class, I did not know that I would leave with nine new best friends, but I did. I had such a valuable educational and social experience that I would have never been able to achieve had it not been for the Global Education Center offering this class.

I chose Elon because...

I chose Elon because of its inclusive and welcoming community. When I took my first tour, I noticed how friendly and sweet people were to me despite not knowing who I was. On top of that, the dance program, which was the major I was most interested in, had the exact curriculum and double major I desired. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and inclusion from the moment I stepped onto campus. The teachers, faculty, and students all seemed genuinely interested in what I wanted to pursue, and are always willing to help no matter what. I wanted a university in which I was not just another number or student, but where I was considered a valued person where my own aspirations would be taken seriously. Elon has been able to provide me this with ease.

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

My favorite Elon tradition is Dragstravaganza, which is an on campus drag show that is hosted by local drag queens and includes Elon students as well. This event is hosted by Spectrum, an LGBT organization on campus. It is my favorite because it helps unify the LGBT community at Elon and in the local Burlington area. It is loved by many and honors our fellow LGBT students to show that we provide an inclusive and loving community. It not only gives fellow LGBT students an opportunity to meet each other, but to celebrate their differences. I have never felt such love and acceptance as I do from Dragstravaganza. It means a lot to have an event with so much love and intention behind it in North Carolina. It sparks a sense of family and acceptance that is rare to find within a community. I am able to feel like I truly belong.

I'm passionate about...

Food! Love to travel Broadway All things Disney Reading! Writing Dance

I'm involved with...

Sisterhood Circle LGBT Latinx-Hispanic Union SMART Mentor Center for Race Ethnicity and Diversity Education
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