Evie B.

Tour Guides and Tour Guides - Spring '24 at Elon University


Class of 2026

Hometown: Fork Union, VA

Major: Strategic Communications

Minor: Sociology

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

My favorite Elon tradition would be the Luminaries because it is so beautiful and breathtaking to see so many lanterns covering Elon's campus. Each lantern also has the name of a student and their own story.

My most memorable Elon experience?

My most memorable Elon experience was when my friend and I took a trip to the local Burlington SPCA and did "Dog's Day Out" (where you are able to adopt a dog for a day and take it with you). We took our dog to Starbucks for a treat, and later back to Elon to walk around campus and meet everyone! It was so much fun to get involved in the community and Elon.

I chose Elon because...

At first, I didn't know what or where Elon was but after my parents told me about it, I learned more about the School Communications and eventually applied to the Elon School of Communication Fellow Cohort. After visiting the beautiful school, meeting amazing people, and getting accepted into the fellowship, I knew Elon was a blessing in disguise.

I'm passionate about...

Human Rights Taylor Swift Animals Mental Health

I'm involved with...

Member of Alpha Chi Omega The Women's Network ESTV ENN (Elon News Network) Communications Fellow School of Communications
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