Bailey M.

Alumnus at Elon University


Class of 2022

Current: Elon, NC

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Major: Psychology

Concentration: Pre-med

Minor: Neuroscience, Biology

My most memorable Elon experience?

I went in person to see the men's basketball team play Drexel in the championship game. My friend texted me out of the blue that morning and said she had tickets so of course I said yes. It was so fun road-tripping with friends that night and I was happy I got to witness such a memorable event for Elon's basketball team.

I chose Elon because...

The deciding factor for me was the small class sizes. I went to a small high school and really enjoyed getting to know my teachers personally and I really wanted to continue this into my college career. By having classes capped at such a low number, I am really able to get to know professors and can see they really care for their students.

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

College coffee because it is a great opportunity to see fellow students and professors in between classes. I think it really speaks to the culture at Elon that there are no classes offered during the time that College Coffee takes place. This really shows how focused Elon is on creating these special relationships between students and faculty.

I'm involved with...

Peer Tutoring The Village Project kappa delta Research in Psychology Elon College Fellows
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