Cassidy B.

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Class of 2027

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Music Theatre

Minor: Dance

My most memorable Elon experience?

My most unforgettable experience at Elon has undeniably been "Collage," a spectacular showcase orchestrated by the Music Theatre department, featuring students from all four years. This production served as a captivating mosaic of talent, providing me with a unique opportunity to witness and appreciate the extraordinary skills of my peers. Being both a performer and a stage manager for "Collage" allowed me to immerse myself in the depth of creativity that permeates Elon's Music Theatre community. The collaborative effort, diverse performances, and the sheer magnitude of talent showcased during this event have made it a defining and cherished moment in my journey at Elon University.

I chose Elon because...

I chose Elon University primarily because of its prestigious theatre program, consistently ranked among the top ten in the country. Having applied to 25 schools for Music Theatre, the decision-making process was rigorous, but when I stepped onto the Elon campus, I immediately sensed a unique and vibrant atmosphere. The energy, resources, and commitment to excellence in performing arts at Elon resonated with me, making it abundantly clear that this was the perfect place for me to cultivate my passion for music theatre.

My favorite Elon Tradition is .... Because...

My favorite tradition at Elon University is undoubtedly Rockappella during Family Weekend. This annual event brings together all the A Cappella groups on campus for a night of incredible performances. The atmosphere is not only electric but also incredibly supportive, creating a sense of community among performers and audience members alike. Rockappella marks the kickoff to the performance season, setting the stage for a year filled with musical talent and creativity. I am a member of Vital Signs, and it was a blast to contribute to the excitement and energy that makes Rockappella a standout tradition at Elon.

I'm passionate about...

Dance club Singing/Music Organizing Reading

I'm involved with...

Vital Signs A Cappella Renegade Productions Elon Performing Arts Performing Arts LLC Piano Department of Theatre and Dance Singing
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